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Welcome to Conference Services (CS)

Parkhurst Dining is pleased to operate Conference Services to support the mission of the University.  Conference Services will operate the conference center at Yorktown Hall, provide professional event expertise and planning for campus events as well as oversee table and chair deliveries across campus.  Parkhurst Dining is excited to partner with RMU in this exciting venture.

RMU has been the home to events, summer camps, and conferences for over 25 years. Our professional event staff has a wide range of event experience and will work with both our internal and external customers to ensure all arrangements are handled according to our customer's specifications.  
 We would be pleased to provide a customized quote based on your specific event needs.  

Conference Services can act as a one stop shop, with catering as well as conference services bundled together based on your event needs.  This will save time for clients as well as provide a more seamless event planning and execution.

Yorktown Hall carpeting was recently updated, providing a fresh and new look for guests.  Call Conference Services to set up a personalized tour!

Our Team

Melissa Schindler
General Manager, Conference Services
412-397-6086 office

Michael Pcholinsky
Manager of Catering, Parkhurst Dining 
Conference Services and Catering
412-397-6089 office

        Contact Conference Services to reserve space at Yorktown Hall at   412-397-4445.